Our online course is what makes us different

We created an online course that will get you interested in food safety. We were tired of online courses that are complex, confusing, and look like they were made decades ago.

Our online course has a modern interface and is designed by teachers and industry professionals to be straightforward and easy to use.

Fits Easily into Your Busy Life

We Offer Many Ways to Learn

Are you a visual learner? Maybe you learn best by listening? Or perhaps you’re the kind of student better suited to verbal instruction? Either way, we’ve got it covered. Our course is made up of videos, narrated slide shows, interactive slides and quiz questions. In addition, we offer 50 practice exam questions that are sure to prep you for the final exam.

To create our course, we use the latest e-learning technology that is leading the industry. It’s modern looking and easy to understand and follow.

Never fear as we’re here to help with questions or potential technical issues. Our team is always on standby via phone, email and live chat.

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